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    ?New Year's Day activities

    2021-01-04 14:19:31 views:327


    The year is cold, and the pace of 2020 is fading away. The New Year’s bell has sounded, and the wheels of time have left a deep mark. With the warm sunshine in winter, New Year’s Day in 2021 will come as promised. We ushered in this new year with joy.

    In order to celebrate the arrival of New Year's Day in 2021, on December 31, 2020, the company held a reunion activity of "Welcome to New Year's Day, Reunion and Chinese New Year"; the first half of the event was the leader's New Year's greetings to all employees, expressing their deepest feelings for employees. Care and expectations for the company’s future development, I believe that the company will reach a new level in 2021; the second half is the employee game activity, in which the laughter and shouting continue, the team members unite and cooperate, shout and cheer each other, and work together to win the first place. One; the event came to a successful conclusion in a harmonious, passionate and joyful team atmosphere created by colleagues.

    Looking back on 2020, after the impact of the epidemic, work will resume and the company will operate normally; working together to work overtime to complete production tasks... etc. These achievements are inseparable from the efforts of each employee. We work together, work hard, and work together. Harvesting, looking forward to 2021, we have the same goal and firmly believe: in the new year, new hard work, through the joint efforts of all employees, Prodis Technology will definitely be able to achieve a new level, achieve new leap, and create new brilliance!


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