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    LED baseball score screen product function description

    2019-07-11 08:47:52 views:312


    1. Display the scores of the home team (HOME) and the away team (GUEST), the number of current rounds (INNING), the number of hits (PITCHERS), the number of strikes (STRIKE), the number of bad balls (BALL) and the number of outs (OUT).

    2. The product has high accuracy and adopts single-chip microcomputer control; 18-key remote control operation, simple operation, in line with human operation habits.

    3. 2.4G/433 wireless transmission, no packet loss data transmission radius of 250 meters (M).

    4. Operating voltage: 23A/12V/dry battery

    5. Power consumption: 100 watts (W)

    6. It is optional to install a movable push-pull frame, which is convenient to move.


    The baseball scoreboard is carefully designed according to the characteristics of the baseball game. It is made of high-brightness LEDs produced in Taiwan and has a life span of more than 100,000 hours.

    It has the advantages of high brightness, good visibility, low power consumption, long service life, stable product performance, moderate size, flexible use, high quality and low price.

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