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    The basic classification of LED display

    2020-10-17 08:55:29 views:328

    We all know that no matter it is a product, its product branches are very many, how to better distinguish it has become a headache for many users. Take LED display screens, there are so many types of LED display screens, the common ones are outdoor large screens and glass screens, as well as monochrome LED screens, popular glass plank road screens, time tunnels, LED gas station price screens, LED sports scoring screen, LED production output billboard, LED bank exchange rate screen, LED single and double color and full color display, etc.



    This type of display screen is mainly used to display text and graphics, and generally has no grayscale control. It inputs information by communicating with a computer. Compared with the bar screen, the graphic screen has the advantages of rich fonts and graphics. Compared with the video screen, the graphic screen has the advantage that a computer can control multiple screens and can be displayed offline.


    This type of display screen has a one-to-one mapping relationship between the screen pixels and the control computer monitor pixels, and has gray-scale control, so its expressiveness is very rich. It is equipped with a multimedia card and the video screen can also play video signals. The video screen has good openness and reflects the display of the computer monitor in real time.

    ◆Digital screen

    The digital screen is a cheap LED display, which is widely used in bank exchange rate, interest rate display, hotel seafood price list, guest room price list, etc. In most cases, a bar screen is added to the digital screen to make up for the lack of text display on the digital screen.

    ◆Mixed screen

    That is, dot matrix digital mixed display, it is mostly used for stock market display.

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