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    In the 5G and digital era, the need for urban beautification will be the focus of outdoor LED displays

    2021-05-28 10:44:08 views:322

    In recent years, based on the needs of urban beautification, major cities have successively taken measures to carry out urban renovation. The outdoor advertising industry has ushered in a wave of demolition. A large number of outdoor LED display screens have been dismantled. The deepening of the green city concept of urban construction has allowed the outdoor advertising industry to enter instantaneously. It's the cold winter. Outdoor LED displays occupies a large share in the LED display market. The shrinking demand in the outdoor advertising market also directly affects the market demand for LED displays. This trend of rectification has caused an uproar in the LED display industry. With the control of the epidemic and the advancement of urban digital transformation, people's demand for entertainment has exploded. With the emergence of naked-eye 3D large screens, the advancement of cluster publishing technology has brought new opportunities for outdoor LED displays.

    Urban beautification needs will be the focus of outdoor LED displays


    In the past, information dissemination was one of the functions of outdoor LED displays. Nowadays, with the digital development of outdoor advertising, the number of outdoor LED displays is increasing. How to beautify outdoor LED displays has become a top priority for local governments. With the deepening of people's understanding of LED displays, LED displays have gradually entered various cities across the country and have become an indispensable part of urban beautification. Among them, the form and quality of outdoor LED displays are particularly important. In fact, the urban landscape has a major impact on the development of local tourism. Outdoor LED display can be used as an independent individual to show its artistic charm in various forms and become one of the city's attractions. Therefore, in response to people's needs for improving the quality of life and the development of urban tourism, many governments have included outdoor LED displays in their urban beautification deployment plans to empower the city to beautify the environment and promote the advancement of outdoor LED display technology.

    From the perspective of urban culture, after five thousand years of continuous development in China, each city in the land of China has deposited a profound cultural heritage and has different humanistic characteristics. Nowadays, the construction of characteristic cities in various parts of our country is prospering. Outdoor LED displays, as an important component of urban construction, can also combine local historical and cultural heritage, give humane care, build unique outdoor LED displays in various forms, and expand outdoor LED displays. Application scenarios in urban landscaping. In this year's large and small exhibitions, in addition to small spacing, you can also see all kinds of LED creative display products at will. Technology iterations, product innovation, and the field of outdoor display screens are gradually subdivided. According to the actual conditions of the installation environment and customer demands, various forms of creative LED display screens such as film screens, transparent screens, special-shaped screens, and floor tile screens have been derived. According to market demand, screen companies have opened up their minds and developed more visually impactful LED displays, occupying the high ground of the outdoor display market, and constructing new focus points for companies in outdoor display.

    Jiangmen Pudis Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a high-tech enterprise that has been committed to LED display technology research, design and development, marketing and application services! Sincerely look forward to the cooperation and exchanges of customers and create good results together.

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