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    The important role of LED screens in party building missions

    2021-06-02 15:49:48 views:305

    Whether it is red tourism, learning to practice caravans, or other forms of party building propaganda work, LED screens have played an extremely important role. Today, LED display manufacturer Pudisi will talk to you in detail. The specific performance is three main directions.

    1. Display and publicity.

    Whether indoors or outdoors, using video or pictures to display the history of the red revolution on the LED screen, spread the revolutionary spirit, and introduce the equality of characters is the most common application form of LED screens in party building work. Learn to practice the caravan as mentioned above. In addition, the Nanning Rail Transit Group Party Building Cultural Exhibition Center, which officially opened on December 31, 2019, also cleverly used the display and publicity functions of the LED screen.

    It is reported that the exhibition center concentrated on displaying the achievements of the group party committee leading the high-quality development of the enterprise with high-quality party building through advanced scientific and technological means such as sound and light. Among them, the LED matrix dynamically displays the visual party building work of Nanning Metro and the interconnected and interactive party building alliance. The audience can click on the LED screen of the screen to view the continuously updated employee style.


    2. Improve immersion.

    "Immersive" education can allow history to repeat itself and make red culture more vivid. In February, the smart party building solution was launched. The display forms mainly include smart party building all-in-one machines, party building LED large screens, party building splicing walls, VR/AR party building, party building guide stations and other terminals. Among them, VR/AR party building uses VR/AR technology to improve the interactivity and richness of experience. It perfectly combines red themes and different technologies to make different party building and red cultural works "live" and spread more. Easy to understand and fascinating.

    In addition, the current development of "immersive tourism" can also play an important role in party building. The LED screen combined with light and shadow interactive performances can make the expression of the red story more vivid and profound.

    3. Create a digital scene.

    This year, more and more LED companies have launched party building solutions, demonstrating smart party building solutions. The party building plans have a certain degree of commonality, including rotating controllers, touch screens, LED display screens, integrating human-computer interaction systems, and introducing "VR + party building" to enrich the expression of party building.


    The advancement of science and technology has empowered education and industry, and party building propaganda and education has also ushered in more and newer manifestations. Traditional party building forms have pain points such as insufficient sense of science and technology, difficulty in learning party history, and insignificant effects. However, integrating multiple new technologies on LED screens can better circumvent these problems and achieve better party building education effects. In this era of pursuing innovation, the only constant is change. There is no end to innovation and change. In the future, how LED technology will empower party building and empower more application scenarios is worth looking forward to.

    Jiangmen Pudis Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a high-tech enterprise that has been committed to LED display technology research, design and development, marketing and application services! Sincerely look forward to the cooperation and exchanges of customers and create good results together.

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